What do I do with ZuKool Music?

At the moment you can use ZuKool Music to search for music, get music recommendations, listen to clips, quickly access seller sites, and organize your playlists.
In the near future you will be able to share your playlists and connect with other users.

How do I use ZuKool Music?

We realize that reading reams of text is boring. So here are some quick introductions to getting the most from ZuKool Music.

What happens when I click the recommend icon?

If you click on the ZuKool recommend icon after you have added one or more songs you like to the songlist, we will give you song recommendations that we think you will also like.

I can't find my song / album / artist.

Our song library is growing but it may be that currently we do not have any songs by your favorite artist. Our spell hinting feature should help you find if we have what you are looking for if it is in our library.

What are Recommendations?

This is a list of songs we recommend in response to your last click of the Zukool recommendation icon so you can continue to explore music and build your ideal songlist. Listen to our recommendations and add the songs you like to your songlist.

Why does it say "Song Mix" in the Recommendations box?

If you have done more than one recommendation so far or if you have modified your songlist, you should be able to see that your actions influence the recommendation results.

What is a songlist?

A songlist is a collection of one or more songs for the purpose of communicating to our technology what your musical tastes are so it can make recommendations against the collection.
You can add songs to a songlist, delete songs from it, rename a songlist, or delete the songlist itself.
You can also create new songlists and get new recommendations.

Why is it better to have more than one songlist?

To learn about your musical tastes from your songlists.
If your songlist is made up of a variety of songs, such as a mixture of classical, hip hop and country, you will see that our recommentaions also reflect such combination.
The bottom line is songlist made up of songs with similar mood and feel tends to yield better recommendation results.
The technology is being constantly refined to produce results that better satisfy our users.

What is Current Songlist?

If you click a songlist tab then that songlist becomes the Current Songlist. It's songs are displayed in the box below.

How to start again from the beginning?

Create new songlist, then start your new choices. Or click on the "Delete" button in the top area of the Current Songlist box.
Keep in mind that you will lose your work so far.